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Introduction – Our 2016 Voter Revolution in Brief

I am not saying this deliberate civil action that We the People must now undertake will be comfortable or easy, but it is absolutely necessary.  This action is fully within our Constitutional Power to execute in order to Preserve and Protect,  

certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness...

from the Declaration of Independence


Our Radical and Constitutionally Rightful – Voter Revolution in Brief

This is my challenge to you, my fellow American citizens and particularly those of voting age. To come together and on November 8, 2016 – Presidential and Congressional Election Day – to Declare our Rightful ownership and direction of our national government for the Common Good of our citizens.

On that day the Silent Majority of the American Electorate will go to the polls and deliberately vote from national office all of the incumbent 435 members of the US House of Representatives and the 33 of 100 members on the US Senate that are up for re-election that day.  Replacing in all some 86% of the US Congress in a single day.  A peaceful, historic national and world changing political revolution where the only weapons used are the votes that Founders gave us the civil Right and Obligation to discharge as We determined the need – to maintain practical and prudent public control over our government.   

We the People will demonstrate our Common Disgust for the publicly dysfunctional US Congress.  In a monumentally historical voter action, Democrats and Republicans will against their failed Party’s members in Congress and vote in whomever the other party is running against them no matter how painful it could feel! 

Boldly declaring by majority vote, our Support of the written, problem-solving legislative Agenda proposals detailed herein.  Further, implying our absolute Expectation that the newly elected legislators of the US Congress will immediately prepare the legislation required for said proposals and have it enacted no later than April 15, 2017.

True problem confronting social and economic Reform for the Common Good of our citizens and nation before all others!  Reforms that directly confront and override the political abuse of the Wealthy and certain Big Industries that We have suffered with more and more over the last few decades.

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For historical perspective, in January of 1776 the revolutionary writer Thomas Paine published the pamphlet Common Sense that challenged our national ancestors to declare what he called a “declaration of independence” from King George III and the British Empire.  “Just” to go to war with the greatest military force on earth!  Something that no colony ever even attempted let alone won.  For that effort he declared they could become free citizens of their own free, independent, and sovereign nation.  Paine wrote on the formation of “representative government” with members elected by the people to act for them in a new Democratic form of central government. 

In fact, only about 10% of the English colonists in the American colonies actually actively participated in their Revolutionary War.  That is, 250,000 of the roughly 2.5 million colonists acted in the war effort.  In all, 10% those serving died fighting in their revolution!  Ironically meaning about 25,000 or 1% of the entire colonial population died giving the other 99% their freedom from the King’s oppression. Remember Occupy Wall Street telling us about the 1% vs the 99%?  Today 1% of our population would be at least 3,200,000 of us.  Thanks to their sacrifice all we need to do is VOTE!

Thus, Democracy in Government was born. America took in place among the nations of the world.  Our national ancestors sacrifice also provided the peoples in all the other nations in the world with a living example of freedom for the masses that they could work toward. 

Our Revolution Will be Peaceful Yet Historically Equal in Magnitude

As we know the American colonists fought a long and bloody Revolutionary War against their own countrymen.  They gained individual freedom, in their own nation, and under a Democracy. It would serve us all well to acknowledge that since the first casualties in the American war for Independence, that some 1,262,000+ men and women have given up their life in battle to Preserve our Right to vote and to control our own government… 

The very least each of us can do is to get registered to vote if we are not already.  Then do whatever we need to do to get to the polls and VOTE on 11-8-2016.  Period!

 We the People of 2016 and those of us eligible to vote this November 8th in particular are now challenged to – by our collective votes – throw out our oppressive, publicly dysfunctional, elected national government. And, all that you, me, and about 70,000,000 other Americans need to do is deliberately go to the polls on 11-8-2016 and vote to replace our broken government. We each get one (1) vote – our virtual one (1) shot in our Second American Revolution. 

Thankfully, in the confrontation with our oppressive and publicly useless government, We the People only need to drive to the polls, wait in line drinking coffee or soda is we like, cast our most precious vote, watch as the returns tallied that evening, and see the world changed the very next day! 

And remember my fellow Americans that no one and nothing can stop from doing this!

We will make the Founders proud of us.  Our children, too!  Believe me they have been watching us…

A J Wildman

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