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Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Draft U.S. Amendments

The following are drafts of proposed Amendments to the US Constitution.  As with the Demand Legislation the new Congress will be expected to finalize the drafts and pas them thru both the House and Senate and send them to the 50 states for ratification so that they will become new Amendments to the US Constitution. Ratification requires a proposed Amendment to be passed by the legislature of at least 34 states.  This should not be a problem once the voters make it clear to state legislators that their precious are on the line!  Any questions??

These drafts will be refined as practical up until the Election so that the American Electorate – the Voters will be clear as to what they are voting for. 

Again, an Amendment number has been attached for ease of reference.  To date and since 1789, 27 Amendments have been made/attached to the Constitution. The initial ten (10) amendments became known as the US Bill of Rights.

The first proposed amendments presented will be Administrative in purpose e.g., the President’s term of Office; while others will address specific public issues e.g., Gun Rights and Abortion Issues. 

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Proposed Amendment 28 – The Term of Office for the President of the United States

Changed from two (2) terms four (4) years in length, to one (1) term of six (6) years in length.

Proposed Amendment 29 – The Term of Office for the Members of the United States House of Representatives. 

Changed from unlimited two (2) year terms, to a maximum of three (3) terms of four (4) years in length. This term change will take effect with the 2018 Congressional Election.

Proposed Amendment 30 – Gun Ownership Rights and Civil Responsibility

The following details on individual Rights and government Controls will clarify the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. 

• An individual’s right to own guns and rifles will not be infringed upon by federal, state or local governments.  
• Law abiding citizens will never have their fire arms taken away from them.  
• Under this Amendment the following projectile firing weapons and accessories will not be permitted for private ownership within the United States of America:

Proposed Amendment 31 – Abortion and Right to Life Reconciliation

This Amendment will clarify an individual woman’s Civil Rights with regard to the termination or not of a given pregnancy. 

First Trimester of Pregnancy – Months one (1) thru three (3)

• The pregnancy may be terminated upon the woman’s request without interference, approval or review by any governmental or medical entity.

• Medically safe and secure facilities will be provided for this procedure in all fifty (50) states, DC, and US possessions. 

Second Trimester of Pregnancy – Months four (4) thru six (6)

• Second trimester pregnancy terminations will only be allowed under one (1) of the following condition: 

• Primarily, if the life or physical health of the mother would be at risk.

• Also, if medical testing would indicate that the fetus was “sickly” the mother/parents would decide whether or not to terminate the pregnancy.

• No partial birth abortions. 

Third Trimester of Pregnancy – Months seven (7) thru nine (9)

The exact same policy as written for Second Trimester abortions. 

Special Legislative attachment to Amendment #31  The “morning after pill” will be made easily and inexpensively available to young women of high school age up without parental notification or involvement. Through high school health office and all pharmacies.  

Proposed Amendment 32 – Campaign Finance Reform

This Amendment will effectively kill Citizens United.  It will remove 100’s of millions of dollars from political campaigns at all levels of government.  And prevent abuses such as another $800 million in spending by the Koch brothers in future campaigns.

• This legislation among other things will override and replace Citizens United!

• We will be considering a $5,000 maximum per individual, per calendar year for a given candidate.

• We will be considering a $25,000 maximum per corporate entity, per calendar year for a given candidate.

• We will be considering the eliminating Super PACs altogether. 

• There will be no more “dark money”.  No undisclosed sources of campaign funds.

We will put the Supreme Court in its place! 

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More proposed Amendments could be added.  Any ideas?? 

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